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"New Solar Tech Increases Conversion Efficiency by 60%" - EE Times Global Network

Solar Industry Magazine: Rensselaer Signs Licensing Agreement For Magnetohydrodynamics Solar Tech

PhysOrg: RPI Licenses Novel Magnetohydrodynamics Solar Power Technology

Technology Transfer Tactics: Rensselaer Licenses Efficient, Heavy-Duty Solar Power Technology

Evwind: High Efficiency Concentrated Solar Power Conversion (60%) by Improved MHD

EE Times Asia: Rensselaer's Solar Tech Increases Conversion Efficiency by 60%

EE Times India: New Solar Tech Increases Conversion Efficiency by 60%

Domain-B - We Mean Business: Novel ''Magnetohydrodynamics'' Solar Power Technology Licensed News

Edificiocamaleonte: Magnetohydrodynamics

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